5 Fertility Enhancers for a Happy and Healthy New Year, from Health Central Women’s Care-Dallas


When you make a list of resolutions for the New Year, does a well-woman visit to your ob/gyn office fall near the top? Maybe not, but the doctors at Health Central Women’s Care want you to consider us a part of your overall wellness plan for a healthier New Year.

An annual wellness visit just takes an hour or so, but the recommendations Health Central doctors make during that one-on-one time can greatly impact your daily life and long-term health.

Top 5 healthy habits your ob/gyn wants you to practice:

  1. Following our dietary advice and exercise recommendations can make a dramatic difference in regards to your health and wellness, and even your fertility. Did you know that being overweight or underweight could impact your reproductive system, interrupting ovulation?
  2. If you plan to get pregnant in 2012, ask the ob/gyn doctors at Health Central Women’s Care for the proactive steps you can take now for the optimal health of your baby.
  3. Remaining current on your vaccination schedule can save your life. That’s why Health Central Women’s Care offers an Electronic Medical Record System so that you can easily and efficiently access your shot records as needed.
  4. Pay attention to the three numbers that define your health: blood pressure, cholesterol and weight. If these numbers fall outside a recommended spectrum, your ob/gyn can offer resources to return them to an optimal level. We also recommend bone density testing when appropriate.
  5. Learn how to effectively and regularly give yourself a monthly breast exam. Early detection is key to survival, so your ob/gyn can’t stress enough the importance of a breast self-exam (BSE).

Resolutions for a happy and healthy New Year start with optimism and fall within a manageable plan. One tip from The Dallas Morning News’ “12 Healthy Ideas for 2012 New Year’s Resolutions” reminds resolvers to put something on the calendar, like a 5K run, to motivate their efforts.

To make your appointment for a 2012 well-woman visit, contact the women’s health experts at Health Central Women’s Care.

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