Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

Dr. Clark Griffith

Dr. Clark Griffith

Dr. Griffith is the best! He understands his patients, listens with his heart, and genuinely cares about them. He is patient and thorough.

Clark Griffith
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★★★★★ Best all around in Dallas
Sandra M.
I completely trust his medical judgment especially in the operating room. He is one of the most skillful of surgeons anywhere. I attribute saving my life to him and though his title is Ob/Gyn, I will always consider him my primary care physician.


VITALS Comments| Jun 16, 2010
Reviewer: Tammy Dickson

I went through a very high risk 3rd pregnancy. During my 2nd pregnancy, my son had a stroke during my pregnancy, due to a blood clotting disorder that I have (not under care of Dr. G). I was extremely scared during my pregnancy, and Dr. Griffith was ABSOLUTELY wonderful during the entire pregnancy. He made me feel like I was his only patient. My baby girl was healthy during the pregnancy and after due to the care that Dr. Griffith took with us. He knew exactly what to do to prevent her from having the same issues that my son did, and there are no words to thank him for the loving care that he showed us during this stressful and frightening time of my life. I am more than grateful and would recommend him highly to anyone!!!!!!

Dr. Jay Staub

Dr. Jay Staub


VITALS | Nov 28, 2010

I have known Dr Staub since 1983. He is very professional and caring. He took very good care of me during my difficult times during 2 childbirths & later for other medical problems. He does like for patients to follow his instructions involving their care. He is direct and professional when speaking about patient’s health. His nurse, Rhonda is wonderful & professional. I recommend anyone looking for a professional & caring doctor call Dr. Staub. I trust him now as I age and before during my childbearing years. Please make appt to discuss your needs with him when looking for physician.


May 24, 2010 | Reviewer: J.L.V

Dr. Staub has been my ob/Gyn for many years now from my first child to the third. I had some issues with PCOS and if it wasn’t for him I would not have the beautiful girls that I have! He is excellent! His nurse, Rhonda, is AMAZING. He has a real personality and although you might not want to hear it, he doesn’t ‘sugar coat’ anything. Don’t get me wrong, he is professional with a capital P..but I would recommend ANYONE to use him. Hopefully he is around when my girls are grown up..they will use him too! I never have to wait long for an apt., the office staff is great, the condition of the building/rooms are great, he really puts a lot of care into his patients. I have read one bad review about “minimizing” the procedure. He works off of common sense..I have had to have a lot of things done by him (or another Dr. in the clinic) and I love them all!

Dr. Clay Alexander

Dr. Clay Alexander

★★★★★ Dr Alexander delivered my first daughter.

Insider Pages| amanda r. | Insider Guru
He and his staff were wonderfully informative and caring during my pregnancy. They answered all my questions and made me feel comfortable. They were always prompt to return my calls and call me with test results. Dr Alexander scheduled an induction for me when necessary. He was encouraging and helpful during the delivery and did a wonderful job. He checked up on my often post pardum and did a followup exam at 6 weeks. I highly recommend him and his staff, especially for first time mothers.


Vitals | Reviewer: Caroline
I will definitely recommend Dr Alexander to alll my friends, family and co-workers as a matter of fact I have recommended to a lot of friends that changed to him already. We all do not have any complaint about him he is a very caring and wonderful doctor.

Dr. Alan Greenberg, MD

Dr. Alan Greenberg, MD

Patient Choice

★★★★★ He Really Is the Best!

Wei P.
Soft speaking, gentle, kind, caring, sincere and much more is Dr. Greenberg. Thanks to the internet that helped us to have found him to take care of my high risk pregnancy. He is listed on the Best Ob/Gyn Doctors in Dallas and is truly proved through my pregnancy.

Every pregnant woman knows pregnancy is a long, hard journey but it also can be easier and happier with a supportive family and a caring doctor. I’m so glad Dr. Greenberg was my doctor. He took care of me with patience and love. He listened carefully to our concerns and provided our needs. When he heard my elder son had Swine flu he was so nervous and prescribed the medication to protect me from the flu. He watched carefully on my blood count and made the decision to check me in the hospital before the scheduled surgery day due to the complication of my pregnancy. We believe the final delivery could be a tragedy if I wasn’t checked in the hospital earlier. Thank him that I got heavy bleeding in the hospital instead of home. During the pregnancy the complication made us more trips to Dr. Greenberg’s office and the hospital s emergency room that also caused his more medical visitations to me but he always showed his patience and kindness. I thank him to make my pregnancy journey an easier one. He really is the best!

★★★★★ Wonderful OB/GYN!

Days G. | Insider Expert
He delivered my 2nd child C-section and he was awesome.
He did a wonderful job taking care of me during my doctor visits. If I needed anything, he would make sure I had it. When I had my first surgery for endometriosis, it was supposed to be day surgery, but he was so caring and knew I was having a hard time and admitted me to stay the night at the hospital. This man is young and awesome!

Dr. Ann Woodbridge, MD

Dr. Ann Woodbridge, MD


★★★★ | Reviewer: Priscilla Thompson
Dr. Woodbridge is a Excellent doctor. She knows her work and is very caring. This is why I keep coming back. She is wonderful!

Health Central and Dr. Woodbridge are awesome!

★★★★★ OB | Cam L. | Insider
Dr. Woodbridge delivered both of my children and she has continued to be my OB for the last 9 years. She has a wonderful bedside manner and I am thoroughly pleased with my experiences through her office!

Dr. Felicia Tillman, MD

Dr. Felicia Tillman, MD

I lived in Dallas for 8 years. Dr. Tillman ROCKS.

YELP 1/17/2011 | Ashley E. Sausalito, CA
She knows what she’s doing, and she cares about her patients. She is VERY smart, and is a superb doctor. She communicates very well with her patients, and has a tremendous amount of compassion. Her staff is also very professional and caring. I loved all of them, and now that I have moved to San Fran, I miss this office and team a lot. If you need an awesome ob/gyn…..don’t go anywhere else. Make this your office. You won’t be disappointed.


Jul 30, 2010 | Reviewer: M Lipscomb

Love…Love…Love Dr. Tillman I have been going to Dr. Tillman almost 11 years. She is very caring and takes time for each of her patients. I have two children while being her patient. During my second pregnancy I had complications and Dr. Tillman was very knowledgeable and always took time to listen to my concerns. Dr. Tillman was always there to reassure me that everything would be just fine. After six months of bed rest in and out of the hospital. She delivered me a healthy baby boy. She’s truly an angel. I highly recommend her to anyone.

Dr. Harper

Dr. Elise Harper

Patient Choice


VITALS March 23, 2011

I would first like to say that my wife is Dr. Harper’s patient. However the care that she gave my wife and also the considerations and time she spent answering all my questions prompted me to write this review. I have two beautiful daughters that Dr. Harper helped bring into this world. Neither of my daughters have any health issues related to the birth process, but that could have been a lot different. Both times there were complications. Complications that not only put my wife at risk, but my children as well. Dr. Harper was able to see that my wife needed hospital care with my first child. It was unexpected and early, but do to the problem Dr. Harper was able to see she knew she had to make this baby come early. That care my wife got was amazing. She was able to give birth and all was well. When our second child was born we didn’t know the cord was wrapped around our daughters arm and neck. When it was evident something was wrong again Dr. Harper sprang into action. I use that phrase because literally she did. She moved fast and with such precision. She had my daughter out and to the pediatrician with in seconds it seemed. I know that in both cases things could have had a bad result. I was able to see her skills as a physician in an extra stressed moment when seconds counted and it was indeed amazing. I know I owe the safety and health of my wife and my two daughters to Dr. Harper. Lastly I wanted to add that I always appreciated how she took the time to visit with me to see what questions I had and to see how I was doing. My wife was the important one and we all knew it. But Dr. Harper would always ask me things and include me in the doctor check ups. When we were at the hospital before and after delivery she would check and make sure I was taking care of myself ie eating and getting sleep. She is indeed a wonderful person and an excellent doctor.

Dr. Elise Harper is the best OB/Gyn. Dr.

VITALS Jan 17, 2010

I have ever seen. She is friendly and always takes the time to answer any questions I may have. I feel very comfortable discussing any issue with her.


VITALS Jan 10, 2010

Dr. Harper recently delivered our son. I had to be induced after a medical condition necessitated it. She used the Foley catheter to induce and was patient with my SLOW progress as it was my first baby and I was not at all dilated or effaced. I was in labor for 37 hours and everything went great considering the circumstances. I could not be happier with my doctor! — I selected her as my Ob/Gyn prior to getting married and now have also gone through a pregnancy as well. Office visits are always pleasant, and her nurse, Angela, is wonderful. I would highly recommend Dr. Harper!

Dr. Tracy Elliott

Dr. Tracy Elliott

Love Dr. Elliott.

Rate MDs | January 11, 2011

Very caring doctor. Will answer thoroughly all questions

VITALS | Apr 21, 2010

We cannot begin to thank you and express how wonderful you all are.

By Corie B

The arrival of our little girl was such a blessing and each day is a new treasured moment. You and your staff made the nine months a joy. The friendliness and kindness we experienced both in your office and the hospital was beyond compare.

You shall always be remembered by my whole family!

By Constance S

Switching doctors during my pregnancy was a hard decision, BUT, one of the BEST ones that I have ever made!!! When I think about all the care you gave me during my pregnancy and delivery, a sweet tear of joy fills my heart and soul. You truly are a gift from above. I look forward to the day when I can tell my son about the great care that you gave me.

We feel fortunate to have you for our OB doctor.

By Tatum M

We appreciate you always taking the time to answer all of our many questions and being so patient with us. Thank you so much for everything!

Thank you for all the special care and attention…

By Nicci C

…you provided my family during the rollercoaster third trimester of our pregnancy and wonderful time during birth. Know that we consider ourselves to be very lucky to have been taken care of by such wonderful people.

I want to take this opportunity to express how thankful I am for the excellent health care I’ve received from you since 2002.

By Gergana D

I kept coming to your office even after your move to Frisco which meant for me committing to driving 39 min each way each time I came in from work for an office visit. What Kept me seeing you was the face that you always made time for answering all my question and addressing any concerns I may have had. I’ve never felt rushed during an office visit with you, which I can’t say about all my doctors. For the most part, it has been like talking to a friend who, by the way, know the answers to all my medical questions. I have always felt your genuine compassion about our situation. Your entire staff has been very supportive through the difficult times for me, especially after the miscarriage. During my office visits, everyone was asking me how I was doing. With no family close by to share with and a completely male-dominated environment at work, your office was the place to offer the female support I needed at the moment. And when things did work out at last for us, everyone at the office told me how happy they were for us. I would like to thank your entire staff for building such a friendly and supportive environment.

Dr. Natalie Light

Dr. Natalie Light

…if you need a good Doc to check you over, I recommend Dr. Light.

YELP 3/5/2009 | Brooke G Dallas, TX
Occasionally, ladies are in the market for a good OB/GYN. I’d been to a couple at Baylor and was just not at all impressed with their “bedside” manner. I felt like a number and a freakin’ practice doll for them. I even had one (female) OB/GYN, be very critical of a conversation I had with her regarding IUDs since I don’t have kiddos (yet).

So, I did some online research and found Dr. Natalie Light. From her description, I felt that she would be a good match for me in terms of personality and reason. Given that her practice is located at Presby, I had even more reason to want to give her a try since I’m a fan of the hospital in general.

The first consultation was pretty nifty. I got in quickly after I’d made an appointment with her and was in and out in about 45 minutes. Every appointment since then has run me well into the hour and a half to two hour margin. However, I feel she’s worth waiting for given that I had two really heinous experiences with other OB/GYNs. There are at least five or six doctors that are in the same office so the place is almost always full of women going in for check-ups.

Any time I’ve had a problem and needed to get in, they’ve always been able to squeeze me in relatively quickly so I have no cause for complaints…other than the extended wait some days.

All-in-all, if you need a good Doc to check you over, I recommend Dr. Light. Her bubbly personality alone, and genuine empathy have kept her in my favor for the last year.


VITALS Comments| Mar 21, 2010 | Reviewer: Chasity

I am a young mother of a daughter who is now 3 and I still wanted to get on here and rate her best of the best! She is awesome! I went in there thinking I would be frowned on being only 19, however she was caring nice answered all questions even when I compared her births to mine she answered them. I was afraid but by the time it came time to give birth, I was calm, and trusted her and she did a great job! Even on my checkups she was very professional and gentle. I recommend her all the way. The only thing was my wait time was a bit long; there were 4 dr’s in that office and they shared rooms.

Francesca Perugini, MD

Dr. Francesca Perugini, MD


VITALS Comments | Dec 1, 2010
Dr. Perugini has been my ob/gyn for almost 15 years. She has always been very patient and knowledgeable and friendly. While I have never been pregnant, she HAS seen me through many annual exams, a breast cancer scare, and she performed my tubal ligation and endometrial ablation. I would highly recommend Dr. Perugini to any female in the area. Her front office staff are some of the nicest women, too!

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Nov 14, 2010


I have been a patient of Dr. Perugini’s for approximately 22 years. She has delivered all three of my children. While I have not had any serious problems, she has dealt with any issues promptly, professionally, with care and calmness. I can not imagine changing ob/gyn ever. She always gives me as much time as I need during my annual exams. As she is approximately 10 years my senior, she knows everything that I am or have physically experience. Her nurses are great as well as her office staff. I recommend her to anyone looking for a new doctor.

Liesl B. Smith

Dr. Liesl B. Smith

★★★★★ Smith Liesl B Md – is very comforting and great! She knows her stuff!

Allison L. | Insider
Dr. Smith is great at what she does and really puts you at ease. I was new to the Dallas area and this was the first time I had to change doctors; however, she made me feel very comfortable. I really like Dr. Smith and if you’re looking for doctor that will make you feel comfortable and answer your questions where you can understand them, she’s your lady.

★★★★☆ I’m recommending Dr Smith!

Jaime A. | Insider
I love Dr Smith. She is thorough and straight to the point! She works to make u feel comfortable while there by talking with u and getting to know you. The office staff are great and they will remember you. The pictures in the office are of the staff and families, which is great that they want to share personal happy moments with u! Dr Smith also partners up with other female Drs who share being on call, which my husband enjoyed thoroughly!


dr. smith has been my doctor for over 10 years now. even after moving out state, i still come back to see her for my yearly check-ups. if i am concerned about a test result, or anything else, she will actually call me back to discuss it. she is warm, friendly, and caring. she is also proactive and up on the latest research. the office staff is also warm, friendly, and very responsive. BEST KEPT SECRET IN DALLAS!!!

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