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Lovemaking or Babymaking? Essure can help you fall in love with spontaneous sex again

Today is Valentine’s Day, a time to celebrate your sweetheart. No doubt you and your partner share common goals, dreams, hobbies and interests. If you have decided that your future together no longer includes pregnancy and babies, talk to your ob/gyn about Essure permanent birth control. How Does Essure Protect Against Pregnancy? Unlike a monthly oral contraceptive, Essure provides birth control without the use of hormones. The tiny inserts (made of the same flexible, soft…

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Straight Talk about Birth Control from an Ob/Gyn

Types of Birth Control Hormonal methods, including “the pill” that revolutionized birth control, work by preventing female ovulation. Today’s options for hormonal birth control include oral pills, implants, injections, patches, vaginal rings and emergency contraception. All oral contraceptives carry a risk of blood clots. A new man-made hormone (drospirenone) in some contraceptives seems to be associated with elevated risks. Intrauterine birth control, including copper and hormonal IUDs, offers another nearly 100 percent effective option. Your ob/gyn…

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