Endometrial ablation can end your periods. Period.


Andrea decided she’d had enough of heavy periods. After the mother of three young children decided her family was complete, she talked with her ob/gyn doctor about finding relief from a heavy flow that sent her on hourly trips to the bathroom. Endometrial ablation is a common choice for women who have no desire to get pregnant again, yet suffer from heavy periods.

Each month during menstruation, your body sheds the uterine lining, called the endometrium. If you decide that the side effects of having a heavy flow each month are disruptive and even cause you to feel weak (anemia), talk to your ob/gyn about ablation.

Again, women who wish to become pregnant should not consider ablation because it permanently removes the uterine lining. The uterine lining (endometrium) nurtures an embryo as it grows into a fetus and baby.

Health Central Women’s Care doctors perform this minimally-invasive procedure under IV or oral sedation in the comfort of their own office.

3 benefits of endometrial ablation

  • No more periods (in 95% of cases)
  • Under sedation, women feel no pain during, and little discomfort after, the minimally-invasive procedure
  • What recovery time? Return to normal activities the next day.

Andrea is now waiting for her post-operative visit with Health Central Women’s Care. In the interim, she will not use tampons. Then, in three months she will know whether her periods have lightened or stopped altogether.

“I didn’t even call my mom or sister to let them know I was having ablation because, like routine dental work, it was such a simple, in-and-out procedure,” Andrea said.

To find out if endometrial ablation is a good choice for you, contact the women’s advocates at Health Central Healthcare at their Dallas office.

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