In-Office Sterilization

Health Central Physicians offer an in-office sterilization procedure for the convenience of our patients.

This hormone-free permanent birth control method creates a barrier preventing sperm from meeting the eggs, and should only be considered if a woman is sure that she has completed her childbearing.

With only mild sedation in an office setting, your physician can insert a hysteroscope through the cervix to visualize the uterine opening of each fallopian tube, inserting a device in each side. No abdominal scars are created with this procedure, so the recovery is very quick, with most women returning to usual activities within a day.

Over the next three months after the procedure, scarring occurs in each tube. During this period, an alternate method of birth control must be used as backup.

After 3 months, a hysterosalpingogram is performed to verify that the tubes are completely blocked with scar tissue. At this point, you are protected from pregnancy.

Although no form of contraception is 100% effective, the Essure device studies suggest 99.74% efficacy for this form of sterilization. Not all women will achieve successful placement of both inserts, however, so occasionally another method of completing the sterilization will become necessary.

Ask your physician about in-office sterilization if you feel this procedure would meet your needs for birth control.



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