Health Central Women’s Care Brings OncoVue Advanced Breast Cancer Screening to Dallas Patients


Conservative estimates suggest that one in eight women will face breast cancer at some point in her lifetime. Though those numbers seem daunting, early detection and improved therapies have increased survival rates so that more women can beat this disease. A new screening tool called the OncoVue® Breast Cancer Risk Test allows doctors at Health Central Women’s Care Dallas to assess their patients risk for developing the disease.

Health Central Offers new Oncovue Breast Cancer Screen

Dr. Jay Staub and the doctors at Health Central are excited to offer this technology to women in the Dallas area. “We want our patients to enjoy long, health lives. The OncoVue® test helps us better predict a woman’s chance developing breast cancer at different stages over her lifetime. This information enables women to take a more pro-active approach to breast health.”

Annual exams and mammograms for women over 40 have increased the chances of catching and treating breast cancer at the earliest possible stage. Women with a family history of breast cancer have often received further testing to look at their risks. Until now, accurate screening tests haven’t been available for the average patient.

Using the InterGenetics® proprietary technology platform called “CombiSNP®,” the Ocuvue test looks at common variations in many genes involved in growth factors, DNA repair, steroid hormone metabolism, DNA repair, free radical scavenger, and cell cycle control. The test utilizes this data to calculate a person’s odds of developing breast cancer.

“Every patient’s risk level is determined based on the individual’s genetic makeup, personal health and family history,” Dr. Staub explained. “The results are completely unique to that specific patient. As well, the OncoVue® test can assess a woman’s risk at various points in her life.”

With this screening tool, women and their physicians can use the information they gain to determine if more frequent exams or more advanced monitoring is warranted.

“This knowledge will allow us to partner with our patients in preserving their breast health and overall wellbeing,” said Dr. Staub. “Advances like the OncoVue® Breast Cancer Risk Test mean that our patients can live long, full lives.”


About Health Central Women’s Care:

Since 1972, Dallas has relied on Health Central Women’s Care, formerly Ob-Gyn Associates of North Dallas, for first-rate care by physicians invested in overall wellness and leading edge technology. Your Dallas OB/GYN team includes two original founding physicians, Dr. Clark W. Griffith and Dr. A. Jay Staub, along with top talent Dr. Ann R. Woodbridge, Dr. Felicia Tillman, Dr. Natalie C. Light, Dr. Francesca Perugini and Dr. Liesl B. Smith. Health Central Women’s Care Dallas provides friendly, courteous care in gynecology and obstetrics and earns a reputation for excellence in minimally invasive surgery, particularly laparoscopic hysterectomies. For more information, please visit .


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