MonaLisa Touch for Breast Cancer Patients


Our Dallas ObGyns are certified to administer this FDA-approved laser therapy

24711870_sWhen you have breast cancer, you begin to deal with an array of symptoms and side effects from treatments that can seem overwhelming. One side effect that many women do not expect is painful sex.

Painful intercourse can occur due to chemotherapy treatments or estrogen-lowering and blocking therapies such as tamoxifen and aromatase inhibitors. Any of these can decrease a woman’s estrogen production, leading to menopausal symptoms. In addition, breast cancer survivors cannot use conventional estrogen therapies. Our Dallas ObGyns are happy to offer breast cancer patients a new treatment for relief.

The MonaLisa Touch® laser treatment is a non-surgical, non-pharmacological way to prevent and treat symptoms of vaginal dryness and atrophy.

MonaLisa Touch® is non-hormonal, making it safe for breast cancer patients

Many of the current treatments for vaginal dryness and atrophy—when vaginal tissue becomes dry, thin and less elastic—involve topical hormone creams or hormone replacement therapies. This type of treatment isn’t recommended for women with breast cancer. MonaLisa Touch® is a laser treatment that does not involve any medications or hormones, making it a safe option for breast cancer patients.

Breast cancer patients can enjoy a renewed sex life

Our Dallas ObGyns administer MonaLisa Touch® laser treatments in our office. While you lie on the table, we gently insert a special wand into the vagina for approximately 5 minutes. The wand delivers the laser therapy treatment directly into the vagina and vulvar tissues in a safe, painless way that causes a tissue regeneration process in the vagina.

The result? Hydrated vaginal tissue becomes thicker and more elastic, which relieves painful symptoms such as burning, itching and pain during intercourse. MonaLisa Touch® also helps restore the correct vaginal pH balance, helping to maintain the vagina’s natural protective barrier.

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Our Dallas ObGyns want to help breast cancer patients enjoy all the wonderful aspects of life, and MonaLisa Touch® can be the beginning of restoring intimacy to your relationship. Contact us for more information.

MonaLisa Touch

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