Well, woman? Why haven’t you scheduled a Well Woman Visit with your Ob/Gyn?


Once a year you will celebrate a birthday. Your Dallas Ob/Gyn at Health Central also wants to give you many happy returns.

Why haven’t you scheduled your annual well woman visit so that you can get the support you need to enjoy life to the fullest?
Rather than dread your pap smear, think of an annual well woman visit as a gift of preventative healthcare.

Health Central Dallas will schedule a visit with your doctor prior to the examination. Plan to use the allotted time to update your doctor on any changes in your lifestyle, work situation, personal or family health and immunization history. You should request prescription medication refills and inform your doctor of other medications you are currently taking. Ask about healthy habits and inform your Health Central ob/gyn of plans to become pregnant.

What to expect in a well woman visit

Your well woman visit begins with recording vital stats, head to toe. The staff at Health Central Dallas will check your weight, height and blood pressure. You will provide a urine sample, so arrive at your well woman appointment with a full bladder.

The physical exam will include a clinical breast exam to check for irregularities. Of course, your Health Central Ob/Gyn will recommend that you practice breast self exams each month. Your physician will also listen to your heart and lungs and do an abdominal exam. The pelvic exam, along with a pap smear, also occurs at this time.

You may need a blood panel screening to address your health concerns or family history. Be sure to check with your insurance provider to determine whether your plan covers tests that screen your cholesterol level. Your Health Central Dallas Ob/Gyn may also recommend that you begin regular mammograms or colonoscopies, depending on your age and family history.

What NOT to expect in a well woman visit

If you have pressing health concerns that will require in-depth discussion, it’s best to schedule a separate appointment. That way, you will receive the attention you deserve. Remember that the purpose of a well woman visit is preventative. Trying to delve into complex medical issues or a list of concerns in an abbreviated time slot will only frustrate you and your Health Central Dallas Ob/Gyn.

If you bring up a new health problem or one comes to light at your annual visit, don’t be surprised if your doctor recommends a follow-up appointment.

To learn more about the services we offer or the Ob/Gyn doctors of Health Central Women’s Care Dallas visit our website.

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